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Air Controllers Strike

diciembre 5, 2010

I’d rather have liked to go on with a topic more friendly or at least a neutral entry.  But reality rushes me to start with the trouble of the moment; the spanish air controllers strike.


In fact, all the air traffic to and from Spain is cancelled. Hundreds of thousand people have lost their hollidays or even worst like those who had to fly because of a health reason. Spanish government has reacted quicly and the emergency state has been declared. That means that military forces must take control of the situation.

It seems the cause of the strike has been the decision of the spanish government of selling part of Aena, the ruler company of the traffic airports and a possible breach of previous agreements. Well, no matter the causes when the controllers reaction has gone too far, avoiding so many people fly in these complicated dates. Let’s see what is going to happen to them after the mess they have done.

It’s the first time in the spanish democracy that the army takes control of something important and I guess this could be such a normality in the same way italians do for years. Who knows the impact on the political scene, at the moment what we have is an entire  country paralyzed and a lot of people very very angry.


Learning to “Blog”

diciembre 1, 2010

What the hell… How difficult is to build a blog with a good  look without counting on any help, just my browser and internet. I’ve been spending two days only to fix it a little, but it seems not enough. I think that becoming a regular blogger will last a bit more than I ever thought. Well, let’s go on step by step. But, brrrrrrrrrr… nuts!

maco, maco, maco… Lol

noviembre 21, 2010

Hi there!  I can’t help enjoying very much the following advertisement

A couple of germans workers are going to do their duty to a very far country house. They drive a VW Caddy and the ad’s target is to show how far can you drive that car without refuel. 

But, what surprised me a lot was when the two men got their destination and the old woman who talks, is speaking in catalan! Lol…. maco, maco, maco, hahahahaha

I think VW has won a considerable number of friends in Catalonia. It’s a pitty that not all the companies are ready to understand and identify the goals they should have into account in their marketing actions. Do you hear me Air Berlin?

English, so to speak

octubre 28, 2010

Here I go again. Searching ways to improve my skills in English. Despite I’ve been studying my entire life, I must revise all from the beginning. Well almost, ok. The problem has been how I’ve been doing it until now, such a wierd mix of lessons out of order, being in and off with the language every so often without any type of regularity.

Nowadays, destiny seems to give me a new chance for becoming a regular user of English. Yes, I’m actually in process of building up a new business project which involves people from English countries as a mainly part of it. I’m working hard on it and I guess to make it public by spring next year. At the moment it is in the start up period, but I have good feelings and I really want to make it real.

I’ll be posted as soon as possible, you’ll be catch up!


febrero 19, 2010

It’s raining cats and dogs once again. Since December until now it’s been over sixty days of cold winter but the sun came out less than two days. But here is not England, I live in Italy, the sunny Italy!  It looks like the Flood!. Maybe we are troughout the line of a climatic change,  the well-known effect because of human madness. I don’t know. All I really know is that I miss very much the soft warm of a sunbathing on the beach, even in February, nearby Barcelona.

Shall I ever go back there again? For the moment I should better put my raincoat on 😦