Air Controllers Strike

I’d rather have liked to go on with a topic more friendly or at least a neutral entry.  But reality rushes me to start with the trouble of the moment; the spanish air controllers strike.


In fact, all the air traffic to and from Spain is cancelled. Hundreds of thousand people have lost their hollidays or even worst like those who had to fly because of a health reason. Spanish government has reacted quicly and the emergency state has been declared. That means that military forces must take control of the situation.

It seems the cause of the strike has been the decision of the spanish government of selling part of Aena, the ruler company of the traffic airports and a possible breach of previous agreements. Well, no matter the causes when the controllers reaction has gone too far, avoiding so many people fly in these complicated dates. Let’s see what is going to happen to them after the mess they have done.

It’s the first time in the spanish democracy that the army takes control of something important and I guess this could be such a normality in the same way italians do for years. Who knows the impact on the political scene, at the moment what we have is an entire  country paralyzed and a lot of people very very angry.


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